Michelle Obama's spokesperson dismisses rumours of feud with Bidens: 'She supports President Joe Biden'

Is Michelle Obama feuding with the Bidens? A new report claims things are tense between the two families.

Michelle Obama and Biden family feud, truth revealed, White House statement
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Michelle Obama and Biden family feud, truth revealed, White House statement

As Joe Biden attempts to take over the Oval Office for a second term, he faces many challenges. Be it concerns about his age or his son Hunter Biden’s conviction - making him the first child of a sitting president to be a convicted felon. Amidst this, his performance during the first presidential debate also triggered many voters to favor Donald Trump over him.

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Trump was seen talking about Biden ‘quitting the race’ days after the debate, however, the president continued to assure people he’s still in the running.

With his campaign in full swing, there is one thing many people are talking about - support from the Obama family or the lack thereof. Here are the rumours and how Michelle Obama's team have responded.

Michelle Obama and Biden family allegedly feuding: report

A recent report by Axios claims that Michelle Obama is 'frustrated 'with the Biden family over the treatment of her friend Kathleen Buhle after her divorce from Hunter Biden.

The theory is being substantiated by the fact that Barack Obama has been present at many fundraisers for President Biden, but alone. As such, the report alleges that Michelle Obama is reluctant to support Joe Biden over her private 'frustrations' about what happened with her friend Buhle.

What are the rumours about?

Michelle and Buhle became good friends during the Obama administration. Hunter revealed in his 2021 memoir that the two were close, ‘worked out together at the gym and often had evening cocktails at the White House, at both formal and informal events.’ After Hunter’s memoir, Buhle published her own and was attacked by the Biden family even though her book came after Hunter Biden’s book. Buhle is understood to have been ‘largely exiled’ from the Biden family after the split, according to Axios.

Reportedly, Michelle Obama told sources close to her that she felt Buhle had been wronged by the Bidens. The report adds how unnamed sources familiar with the Biden-Obama dynamics revealed that Michelle was initially reluctant to campaign for Joe Biden after he became the Democratic nominee in 2020. While both the families have reiterated that their relationship is strong, these sources have told the publication that their dynamic changed in 2015. Partly because Obama felt Hillary Clinton had a better chance of winning the election than Joe Biden, and partly because of Hunter and Buhle’s marital issues.

Axios alleges that even Obama found Biden's family dynamic to be ‘weird’ after Hunter started dating Beau Biden’s widow Hallie Biden right after his divorce. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama isn’t actively supporting Biden or his campaign. She’s largely focused on the non-partisan voter registration group, When We All Vote.

What do Michelle Obama and the Bidens have to say about the alleged feud?

After the claims were published by Axios, the two families were adamant on clearing the rumours.

The White House pushed back on the Axios report in a statement to Fox News Digital. Spokesman Andrew Bates said:

The Biden and Obama families are like family to each other, and whomever made these claims about that relationship isn’t familiar with it.
The former President and First Lady have been two of the strongest supporters of President Biden’s leadership and agenda.

Similarly, a spokesperson for Michelle Obama told Fox News that nothing is wrong between the families as First Lady Jill Biden traveled to the memorial service this week for Obama's mother, Marian Robinson. Crystal Carson, Michelle Obama’s communications director clarified:

Mrs. Obama has already said she supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ campaign.
She is friends with Kathleen and with the Bidens. Two things can be true.

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