Keir Starmer: The Labour leader's first official biography is out now

The Labour leader’s first official biography is out, and there's a buzz around his looks as a young man.

Keir Starmer young man
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Keir Starmer young man

Following Rishi Sunak’s collision course of resignations, scandals and failed plans over the last few months, many have been questioning who could replace him as the UK’s Prime Minister. Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, is obviously in the running - but has long been deemed too ‘boring’ for the job. People think he lacks the conviction and charisma that make a good leader.

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Meanwhile, his deputy Angela Rayner packs much more of a punch and has shared several private anecdotes with the public. Starmer is trying to take a leaf out of her book with his latest move. The lawyer-turned politician has released a biography, detailing aspects of his young life that have surprised readers. Interestingly, this is not the only thing that has earned him some attention as many Brits are shocked to discover that Starmer was quite the looker back in the day.

Starmer’s biography

Starmer was originally intending to write the work himself, with author Tom Baldwin’s help. However, once Labour was pushed into a leading position in the poles and within reach of securing power, he relinquished these writing duties to Baldwin.

The biography reveals some of the more private aspects of Starmer’s life which he usually likes to protect from the public. The text details Starmer’s childhood, growing up with a father who loved him without ever really showing it. According to The Telegraph, the Starmers occasionally went on holiday to the Lake District, and ‘young Keir and his father had sat in silence after the others had dozed off’. The politician revealed in his book that the pair hadn’t hugged for years, so when Starmer visited his father in hospital towards the end of his life he didn’t dare wrap his arms around his dad.

Meanwhile, his mother showed him limitless love and care, which he reciprocated. When her Still’s disease meant that she had to live her life from a wheelchair, Starmer had to step up at home and assume a lot of responsibility at a young age.

Young Starmer was quite the looker

After moving out of the family home, Starmer lived above a massage parlour which was a suspected brothel. He even gave legal advice to some of its employees. His little flat was reportedly a hot spot for raucous parties, which is perhaps now hard to imagine. He said of the North London apartment:

We didn’t have the kind of neighbours who would complain too much about the floors shaking or people arriving and leaving late at night.

Well, well, well - perhaps the sensible Starmer we recognise today does have a different side to him. Many online are more interested in a certain photo that has also been doing the rounds. It shows Starmer in a typically youthful setting, lying on his stomach amongst friends and showing off some very toned arms.

One user, @lizzysnowy, commented on the snap on X:

He was easy on the eye I see.

While many have quipped that the photo looks like a promo shot for an alternative band, another user, @SwannyAl, admitted:

It’s the arms.

Who would have thought it? The British public are buzzing over young Keir Starmer as he tries to lead his party to success in the next general election.

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