Donald Trump talks about existence of aliens in podcast with Logan Paul

Donald Trump recently revealed that he doesn’t believe in aliens but suggested that in a universe so big there could be something other than just humans while hinting he has confidential documents on it.

Donald Trump Logan Paul Podcast Alien existence comment
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Donald Trump Logan Paul Podcast Alien existence comment

Donald Trump has found himself at the center of a new controversy as he recently spoke about aliens on YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul’s podcast - ImPaulsive. This comes after the 78-year-old revealed that he has chosen his running mate but no one knows it yet.

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Trump appeared on Logan Paul’s podcast and discussed many things. Out of them, the one making rounds on the internet is him agreeing to the possibility of aliens surrounding us while adding that he’s a nonbeliever.

Donald Trump opens up about the existence of aliens

In the YouTube video, Logan Paul is seen initiating the topic of aliens with Trump. Talking about the disclosure that aliens, UFOs and UAPs have got in Biden’s tenure is increasing every day. Logan poses a question to Trump asking him if he knows anything about the unidentified aerial phenomenons.

The Apprentice star - who was accused of racism on the show - revealed that he doesn’t believe in aliens. However, he has spoken to some ‘serious’ people and pilots who have claimed seeing unidentified objects in the air. He explained:

I have met with people that are serious people that say there are some really strange things they see flying around out there.


I met with pilots, like beautiful - Tom Cruise but taller - handsome, perfect people.
They have told me, ‘Sir, there was something there that was round in form and going like four times faster than my super jet fighter plane.’

The 45th President insisted that these people appeared to ‘really mean’ what they were talking about. According to Newsweek, these pilots Trump talked about in the podcast are Air Force personnel. Trump continued:

When they say things, things are going four times faster than my beautiful top-of-the-line airplane that goes, you know, real fast, Mach 2, right?
Am I a believer? No - probably I can't say I am.

Trump added that he has had meetings on the subject and spoken to people who actually believe in it. While denying the existence of aliens, Trump emphasized that there could be a possibility of something else existing out there considering the size of the universe.

Does Trump have access to documents that could prove alien life?

The internet sensation went on to ask Trump if he had access to any information that could prove the existence of alien life or UAPs, Trump said:

I have access...and I speak to people about it, I've had actually meetings on it.

However, Newsweek has partially busted his claims. As a former president, Trump does have the ability to hold onto papers belonging to his tenure but there is no evidence to suggest that information on UAPs could also be amongst them.

Jason R. Baron, former director of litigation at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) confirmed that at the end of a president’s time in office, ‘all the official presidential records by law come into legal, physical custody of NARA.’ A former president may request to access these records but would require additional clearances for classified information.

Baron went on to explain that former presidents cannot ‘request presidential records of the incumbent president or records created in presidential administrations other than their own.’ And much commotion about UAPs has happened under Biden’s term. Furthermore, the incumbent president also has the right to withhold any records from the former president(s). For instance, Biden has restricted Trump from intelligence briefings.

Additionally, Gail Helt, a former CIA official, has stated that as a former president, Trump only has access to the documents that originated within the White House and not intelligence reports. Any UAP activity report is produced by the Intelligence Community who have the duty to keep such documents safe. As such, it is highly unlikely that Trump has access to any information that could prove the existence of UAPs, UFOs or aliens.

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