Aldi’s famous boozy advent calendars are hitting the shelves tomorrow

Aldi is bringing back their boozy advent calendars with 24 days of wine, beer, fizz, and gin!

Aldi's boozy advent calendar
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Aldi's boozy advent calendar

The only thing better than Christmas day is the 24 days of anticipation and excitement prior, and if you’ve gotten yourself a special advent calendar, it gets even better!

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While many people love the original chocolate advent calendar, Aldi is launching a range of boozy advent calendars, and it’s on a whole other level of genius.

Aldi’s ‘special’ advent calendar

This year, Aldi is coming out with four different advent calendars that are stocked with 24 mini bottles of alcohol—one for each day leading up to Christmas. Last year, their wine edition was a best-selling product, and they’re bringing it back along with three other calendars for gin, beer, and fizz-lovers. The products will be available for online purchase starting 1 November, so we suggest you save the date.

24 days of booze

The German supermarket let customers in on what they could be expecting from each package, and here is the rundown of all four editions.

Their popular Wine Advent Calendar will be retailing for £49.99 and similar to the one sold in 2020, this edition will also feature a range of different classics like Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot noir, and Sauvignon.

The Sparkling Christmas edition will have different kinds of Prosecco and Italian sparkling wines, including Sparkling Pinot Grigio Extra Dry, Aldi’s Sparkling Rose Extra Dry, Sparkling Moscato, and Aldi’s Sparkling Pinot Grigio Rose Extra. It will be available for £59.99.

Their Haysmith’s Gin Advent Calendar, priced at £69.99, will have 24 bottles containing 5 cl of gin. Each day you’ll be surprised with a different flavour, from London Dry Gin to Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Sloe Gin, Spiced Plum & Clementine Gin, Raspberry & Redcurrant Pink Gin, and several others.

And finally, they’re selling their Crafted Beer Advent Calendar for £44.99, and and it features various kinds of ale including Double IPA, Vanilla Stout, Strawberry lager, and Grapefruit Pale Ale.

This UK supermarket’s popular wine advent calendar is coming back soon This UK supermarket’s popular wine advent calendar is coming back soon