£800,000 compensation for thousands of energy customers, are you eligible?

Thousands of customers will be reimbursed after billing issues with renewable energy suppliers.

£800,000 compensation for thousands of renewable energy customers
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£800,000 compensation for thousands of renewable energy customers

Energy regulator Ofgem has announced that two renewable energy companies have overcharged their feed-in tariff (FIT) generators. This has resulted in thousands of customers being overcharged who are part of the government’s FIT scheme, which encourages the use of renewable energy.

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The scheme gives money to customers who generate energy and sell it back to the energy company. However, the two energy suppliers, Good Energy and F&S Energy have both overcharged customers' fees and underpaid them for their energy, as per The Sun.


£800,000 compensation for thousands of renewable energy customers malamus-UK - Getty Images

Good Energy has set aside compensation amounting in total to £453,000 for customers with a feed-in tariff who have been charged unauthorised fees. In addition to this, a total of £200,000 will be given as a goodwill gesture payment. The Sun reports:

Each customer can expect to receive £25 back per installation for each charge applied, plus VAT, a 3,3% uplift to the refund and a goodwill payment.

F&S Energy FIT has stated it will pay a total of £94,040 to its customers who are FIT generators and then there will also be a £50,000 payment shared as a gesture of goodwill. This works out at either £20 or £100 per installation for each quarterly charge applied, £55 or £100 for each biennial meter verification charge, plus VAT and the goodwill payment.

How to get it

Customers should all receive their reimbursement and compensation automatically by the end of this month. Payments will be made to the bank account associated with your energy account so you just need to check that all your details are correct and you will receive the compensation in due course.

The compensation also includes households that use sustainable energy resources such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Further help with energy bills this winter is available for people in a variety of different circumstances. The Sun reports:

Homes with poor insulation and out-dated heating systems will be in line for upgrades that can help bring the cost of their energy bills down by between £400 and £700 a year.

The government has various schemes to help people who are struggling as part of their ‘Help to Heat’ initiative to help households improve their home's energy efficiency and hopefully make this winter a little easier for everyone.

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