This Foundation Has The Most Unbelievable Results

It seems like the ‘Skin Positiv’ blogger has finally found the perfect product to cover her acne marks. Read on to find out more.

Affected by strong cystic acne, blogger Abbie Bull is seeking to help fellow victims of skin problems.

Although she regularly appears on social media without makeup, she wanted to show the power of makeup and especially a specific brand.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the ‘Faux Filter’ foundation by Huda Beauty, the young woman can easily hide her acne marks and scars. While she shows different products daily to her community, it is really that of the make-up artist Dubaiote which caught everyone’s attention. Thanks to its coverage, it perfectly erases all imperfections and does not show anything. Its bright finish helps keep your complexion fresh and avoids the mask effect sometimes caused by foundation.

The young mum has also stated in an Instagram post ‘I am determined to pass on the message that we are beautiful with or without makeup, acne victims deserve to be highlighted as much as anyone else and not feel the need to hide. I CHOOSE to wear makeup because I like to be creative, not because I feel obligated to. I love myself no matter what and you should too.’ Bravo to her!

The 'Faux Filter' foundation is available on Amazon from just £27!

Check out the video above to see more from Abbie!

Photo credit: Abbie Bull

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