This Love Island Couple Have Split And She's Already Moved Out

Another beloved Love Island couple have called time on their relationship... And we really didn't see this one coming.

As much as we love Love Island, it doesn't always have the best success rate when it comes to couples that stand the test of time. We've already seen the first break-up of the class of 2018 as Samira and Frankie split following Frankie's repeated bad behaviour and some of the series' other popular couples have also been somewhat on the rocks.

Now, there's big news as one couple we weren't expecting to break up have confirmed they've split. Luis Morrison and Cally Jane Beech were the last couple standing from the 2015 series of Love Island - having been together for three years. They also welcomed the very first Love Island baby when daughter Vienna was born in 2017.

It's not all been smooth sailing for the couple, as they split previously shortly after their daughter's birth. Cally was left heartbroken as Luis reportedly slept with another girl just a week after their break-up. However, she decided to give Luis another chance and the couple got back together.

Now, though, it seems it's really all over. An insider source told The Sun that things are different this time as 'The tables have turned and for the first time in their romance Cally was the one to end things. She's preparing to move back to Hull and will be living on her own with their daughter Vienna.'

Sad news but according to a source close to the couple, there's always a chance they'll get back together again, given their on-again, off-again past...

Are This Love Island 2018 Couple Expecting A BABY Already!? Are This Love Island 2018 Couple Expecting A BABY Already!?