Love Island US Arrives In One Week And Here Are The Contestants!

Love Island has become a staple in the homes of most across the UK therefore it is to no surprise that the show is anticipating great success overseas. Check out the video to find out more!

Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, is set to begin its latest venture by tacking audiences oversees. Having already developed an Australian and Swedish series, America is next on the list!

All the action of the American version will be filmed in Fiji and hosted by How I Met Your Mother actress, Arielle Vandenberg, with the first episode of the series kicking off on 9th July.

Speaking to Us Weekly she said, “You’re watching so many types of relationships develop. People fall in love, lust or like. It’s fun to see people who think they have a ‘type’ end up having someone they never thought they would.”

David Eilenberg, the executive producer, spoke to Entertainment Weekly on the new venture, “We want to make sure the show is the show. It’s an aspirational, sexy, fun summer show. And the UK show has become less provocative and more broad appeal over time.”

There will however be several differences to the American version due to the host channel, CBS, and also due to the earlier airing time, meaning there will be no F-bombs as is expected in the original series.

Check out the video for a look at the original islanders!

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