Love Island Star Branded 'Disgusting' For This Instagram Post

Fans said they were sickened that the ex-Islander would post such a thing on her Instagram page.

Love Island Star Branded 'Disgusting' For This Instagram Post
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We all know the Love Island stars make a lot of money by putting sponsored posts on Instagram. The massive popularity of the show and the stars' huge follower bases means that companies are desperate to sign Islanders up to pose with their products and post a little #ad.

But one ex-Islander has sparked outrage as she used the tragic death of a mother-of-three to promote waist trainers - even sharing her discount code in the post.

Emma-Jane Woodhams, who starred on series 2 of Love Island, began her post by saying 'You might have seen in the news today that these Brazilian bum lift surgeries everyone’s been getting are actually really dangerous and are fatal for every 1 in 3000 procedures !'

This seemed to refer to the tragic death of 29-year-old mother-of-three Leah Cambridge, who passed away after having three heart attacks during a Brazilian butt lift procedure in Turkey.

Emma-Jane went on to plug Maskateer waist trainers, even sharing her personal discount code - which many of her fans found to be especially callous.

After the mass outrage in the comments section, Emma-Jane has edited her post to include an apology - and turned off the comments. Check out the video above to see exactly what her fans had to say...