Ex Islander Kem Reveals Why He Would Never Return To The Villa

Despite his success on the third season of Love Island, the nation’s favourite show of the summer season, Kev reveals why he could never face the villa as an islander again.

With the Love Island launch date for 2019 just looming around the corner and with many of the new contestants still firmly under-wraps, one of our favourite former islanders took some time to share his thoughts on why he would not go back on the show as contestant.

After winning the third season of the successful British dating show, he has been lucking to participate in several others, including appearances on “Dancing On Ice”, “This Morning” and off course the well-loved spin-off “The Aftersun”. Following his endearing bromance with fellow singleton of the time, Chris, the chirpy pair even managed to launch a show of their own called, “You vs Chris and Kem”.

After his eager participation in other TV shows, it will certainly come as a shock to many viewers the reasons why he feels the Love Island villa would be too difficult for him now.

When Kem first appeared on Love Island the show was really beginning to take off:

“When I went on it not everyone really knew about it, it just blew up when we were on there.”

Admitting that if he was due to enter the villa for this year’s season he would probably “bottle it last-minute”. Clearly thankful that his time on the popular summer show is finished and in the past he hopes the future islanders know what they’re in for!

Watch the video to find out what Kem revealed about how villa has changed!

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