Are This Love Island 2018 Couple Expecting A BABY Already!?

This 2018 Islander may have just dropped a massive hint that she's expecting...

Are This Love Island 2018 Couple Expecting A BABY Already!?
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Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown have been on a real rollercoaster ride since leaving the Love Island villa this year. They had a massive fight when Charlie turned up drunk to the recording of the Love Island reunion show and this week they've been rocked by new fakery claims.

Not only are they now putting on a united front, Ellie has even dropped a massive hint that they might be taking a huge relationship step already. Her latest Instagram selfie of the couple, which shows off their piercing blue eyes, is captioned: 'Babe look sexy @charliebrake1 (no we are not miserable we are posing and yes we look alike, cutest babies pending).'

So what does 'pending' mean!? Is she talking hypothetically or could we be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet sooner than we think? It's not the first time the couple have led us to believe they might be expecting, as Ellie was previously forced to deny pregnancy claims as Charlie captioned a pic of her 'She's having my babies' back in July. Whether the rumours are true or not, it certainly seems like they both have babies on the brain...