This Rottweiler found an abandoned baby in a shed, what it did next will surprise you

Rottweilers are often considered aggressive, so aren’t particularly popular among dog owners. But the story of this dog has the power to change this stereotype.

Really the most adorable breed.
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Really the most adorable breed.

Rottweilers definitely aren’t a breed of dog particularly renowned for being friendly. In fact, most people will instinctively avoid the animal if they can. Of course it is not the fault of the dog, they have been bred to be powerful and protective, and you cannot also expect all Rottweilers to be agressive. I mean look at these puppies!

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But if you don't believe us, this story will surely change your mind. It's one of a Rottweiler and a newborn baby.

An abandoned baby and a Rottweiler

In 2018 a local Uruguayan media El Pais shed light on the story, fascinating netizens all over the world. They reported that in Canelones in Uruguay, a young girl gave birth to a baby. However, due to mental illness, she didn’t tell anybody about the birth and abandoned the child in a shed.

Under normal circumstances, a baby left all alone in a shed moments after coming to the world would not have ended well. However, thanks to a hero dog, the baby's fate completely changed.

Apparently, not far from the shed, this Rottweiler was growing restless after the birth of the baby.

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Twist in the story

The Rottweiler that lived in the surrounding area, sniffed out the newborn baby and followed the trail. It spent the whole night by the child’s side and managed to get the attention of its owner the next day.

As it turns out, the shed the baby was abandoned in was the workshop of the owner of the dog. Moreover, the owner happened to be the grandfather of the baby and the father-in-law of the mother. The man told the local police that he received a call from his son at 6:30 PM because his wife had a hemorrhage. He reportedly had no idea that his son and daughter-in-law were expecting.

With the help of the dog, the child was finally found with its umbilical cord still attached and was taken to the hospital straight away.The Rottweiler saved this baby’s life!

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This dog found a newborn baby on the street and decided to take him in This dog found a newborn baby on the street and decided to take him in