5 tips to have a successful Dry January

Do you want to make a success of your Dry January but are afraid of cracking under the pressure? Here are our tips to make a success of this exciting challenge!

How to have a successful Dry January
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How to have a successful Dry January

Following the tobacco-free month of November, an alcohol-free month is soon coming up! Usually held over January, it is known as Dry January. While some people think that it comes at the right time after the excesses of the holidays, it is not always easy to hold out for 31 days. Here are our tips on how to make it happen!

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What is Dry January?

Dry January consists of not drinking alcohol during the whole month of January. This means not a single drop! It has been a few years since this initiative was first launched in the UK, before being adopted by many other countries.

And for good reason, a month without alcohol is full of amazing health benefits. People who have succeeded in this challenge say they:

  • Sleep better
  • Lost weight
  • Have better skin
  • Are less stressed
  • Feel more fit...

These are all rather convincing reasons to try out the challenge. However, when you have a fairly full social life and a lively personality, refusing a small glass of wine or a cocktail can become a real struggle. Here are 5 tips on how to make it happen.

Try non-alcoholic drinks

If you love the taste of cocktails, wine, or beer, you can fall back on the non-alcoholic versions of these drinks. Many bars offer drinks that taste like alcohol but do not contain any alcohol. So it’s time to try out a virgin mojito!

Don’t go out so often

Evenings out with friends at a bar or in a restaurant inevitably means having a drink! To avoid giving in to any temptation, it is best to turn down a few of these invitations. And with the current pandemic, you don't have many excuses to go out anyways. Try to allow yourself one outing per weekend and one extra outing during the week, no more.

Nesting has become very popular lately. You will certainly enjoy a nice evening at home, and the chances of giving in to temptation will be greatly reduced!


Exercise has many virtues, one of which is to limit alcohol cravings. You only have to look at athletes who usually have a very healthy lifestyle. By exercising regularly, you will have fewer cravings for alcohol. So, shall we get started?

Try out new beverages

If you swear by a good pint of beer, it's time to open yourself up to other horizons. Instead of drinking your usual alcoholic drink, try something new every week. Kombucha, kefir, ginger beer, aloe vera juice, coconut water, syrup, lemonade - you won't have enough time in a month to try everything!

Do the challenge with a partner

If you are afraid just seeing a Sex on the Beach will make you give in, the best thing is not to do this challenge alone. Whether with your partner, friends, or colleagues, you can ask several people to do this Dry January with you. Challenging each other will be much easier to avoid caving!

With all these tips, it will be easy for you to last 31 days and not one day less!

5 delicious non-alcoholic drinks to try out for Dry January 5 delicious non-alcoholic drinks to try out for Dry January