She applied honey to her face for a week and couldn't believe the results

You may not know it, but honey has many virtues. In fact, one young woman has found a miracle tip for flawless skin.

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Who would have thought it? Honey has many virtues that could lead to beautiful skin. Yes, you read that right. According to a test by a SELF Magazine journalist, as reported by Elle, it would seem that this natural product is the ideal ally for our skin.

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Honey and healing

The journalist applied honey to her face every day for a whole week. She left it on, then rinsed her face with warm water. The result: she noticed that her skin had significantly fewer imperfections, and not only that. The journalist had no trace of allergies, a very moisturised and soft skin.

In addition to moisturising the skin perfectly, honey also has a tissue regenerating effect: applied to a small wound, it increases the speed of healing. By acting directly on the cells, it also helps to avoid unsightly marks once the skin has reformed on the wound.

An exceptional product

However, the magazine points out that the journalist in question did not turn to just any honey. Indeed, while she had allergies and eczema, the young woman turned to Manuka honey.

An exceptional product from New Zealand and Australia, known for its soothing, moisturising and even healing properties. In short, this product seems perfect for treating and caring for your skin. Of course, every skin reacts differently to the products, so it is strongly advised to apply a little honey on a small part of your face before following this daily routine.

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