This Aldi kitchen gadget will make meal prepping a breeze

From 13th December, Aldi is selling an Ambiano Triple Slow Cooker that allows you to slow-cook three dishes at the same time for just £29.99, and it's seriously stylish!

What’s better than a slow cooker? Well, how about a triple slow cooker?

There’s yet another exciting kitchen gadget coming to Aldi’s range of Specialbuys–an Ambiano Triple Slow Cooker. Priced at £29.99, the Triple Slow Cooker is perfect for making healthy and tasty meals in a more energy-efficient way. It’s also a stylish addition to your kitchen with a classic silver and black design.

With three separate 1.4l removable cooking pots, the Triple Slow Cooker is perfect for cooking up a storm this Christmas. It’s ideal if you’re planning a three-course menu or a buffet with multiple dishes on offer, or if you’re catering for people with different dietary requirements–you could have one veggie, one vegan and one meat pot for example.

You can adjust the temperature of each pot to low, high or keep warm, and you can have each pot running at a different temperature. Cleaning up afterwards should be a breeze too, since the removable ceramic cooking pots are dishwasher-safe. The Ambiano Triple Slow Cooker comes with a three-year warranty.

Is Aldi’s the cheapest triple slow cooker?

At just £29.99, the Ambiano Triple Slow Cooker going on sale at Aldi is currently the best price we’ve been able to find in the UK. A very similar triple slow cooker–with slightly smaller pots–is on sale at Argos for £69.99, whilst the cheapest we’ve found on Amazon currently costs £48.95.

What can you make in a slow cooker?

Slow cookers can be used for all kinds of dishes, from stews, casseroles and curries to joints of meat and even desserts! You can even slow cook your Christmas turkey–although you’ll have to make sure it’s not too big to fit in the pot. Slow cookers can also be used to make fudge–why not whip up a batch to give as gifts?

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