She Uses Two Simple Household Products And Her Burnt Ceramic Hob Is Like New Again

One woman has finally discovered a ground-breaking technique for combatting the stubborn burnt patches on all pots and pans - and we are mesmerised!

Many of us are often temped to chuck out a pot after realising how impossible it can be to return it to its former glory after stupidly burning it. But one online genius has proudly shared her top tip for dealing with the problem!

The tip involves a ground-breaking step-by-step guide and recipe which has the power to magically restore all of our pots and pans. Even more surprisinlgy, all of the ingredients are things you probably already have at home!

By utilising just a couple of simple and natural household products, mixing them together until they are fully incorporated and then applying to the problem area, even your stove will look like new again! Watch our video to see this in action!


1. 2 Tablespoons baking soda

2. 100 ml of water

3. Vinegar


1. Mix together all of the ingredients

2. Spread the paste over your ceramic hob

3. Pour vinegar over the top

4. Leave it to rest for 5 minutes then scrub clean with a sponge

Check out the video above to see the miraculous effects for yourself!

She Removes The Smell In Her Home And It's So Simple And Refreshing She Removes The Smell In Her Home And It's So Simple And Refreshing