Easy Care Indoor Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Do you love plants but you're not exactly what you'd call green-fingered? Don't panic, we've made you a list of the top 10 most hardy and beautiful house plants. These are (almost) impossible to kill, so you've got no reason not to get one. Scroll through our photo gallery to learn more!

Easy Care Indoor Plants You Should Have In Your Home
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Easy Care Indoor Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Low-Maintenance Houseplants

1. Calathea Crocata: This plant is also known as Eternal Flame due to it's beautiful yellow flowers. It comes from Brazil and tropical America and is nearly impossible to kill. Direct sunlight isn't advised and the plant loves the heat and humidity. Plus, it's non-toxic for cats and dogs which is a plus for animal lovers!

2. Ceropegia Woodii: This "chain of hearts" is a perennial plant that is very easy to look after. It's native to South Africa and Zimbabwe. It can grow to 10 centimetres and spread up to 2-4 metres in length. It needs at least three to four hours of sunlight every day but it can still survive without. You can grow these using a hanging basket so the branches can hang down.

3. Chlorophytum: Also known as the "spider plant", it'll be very happy with just a little bit of water and light. It's native to Africa, Asia, and Australia. They can grow to 10-60 centimetres tall and the leaves can be 15-75 centimetres in length. It's best to keep them in hanging baskets for maximum room due to the leaves.

4. Cissus: This exotic ivy will look great in the kitchen. It's a vining plant that comes from tropical and subtropical regions and can thrive with low lights.

5. Dipladenia: Even in full sunlight with very little water, nothing will stop these beautiful flowers from blooming. The flowers will grow all season long but it shouldn't be exposed to cold winter air.

6. Ivy: These plants would look great in a dark corner - it will help brighten your home. There are many different types of Ivy houseplants that will need specific amounts of care. Most require little water but will need some sunlight to thrive.

7. Sansevieria: In the shade, in full sun, or hardly any water - it's not a problem for Sansevieria! This plant would look great next to the TV stand.

8. Schefflera: If you're after a low-maintenance but still impressive plant then this one's for you! The glossy dark green leaves truly makes this plant unique.

9. Spathyfillum: It's often known as the peace lilly and it is the best choice if you want to keep your plant in a dark space. Also, they require very little light and water. However, these plants can be poisonous for dogs.

10. Aspidistra: It's a sturdy and long-lasting plant that can survive without sunlight, requires minimal water, and is pet-friendly.

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