This woman’s ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be something much worse

A growing belly is not the same as a baby bump. A 22-year-old had to go through this painful experience when she received her diagnosis.

22-year-old Hollie Welham, thought she was pregnant, and why wouldn’t she? She had all the symptoms indicating a pregnancy, a growing belly and even nausea. But when she took a pregnancy test it came negative and shocked her. What was the reason?

Bump but no baby

All signs pointed to Hollie being pregnant; the young woman even complained of regular nausea. But then a visit to the doctor revealed the terrible truth, as reported by


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The British woman was shocked when, instead of the happy news of a healthy baby, the doctor gave her a terrible diagnosis during an ultrasound: she is not carrying an embryo in her stomach, but a cyst.

Ovarian cyst bigger than a soccer ball

The ovarian cyst had already grown to a dangerous size. She fixed an appointment for an operation. Her cyst was 27 centimetres in size, making it larger than a soccer ball. On TikTok, the young woman showed her growing belly, explaining her diagnosis and the operation. She says:

I couldn't believe how big my belly had gotten - I looked like I was nine months old. I felt so uncomfortable, but I'm incredibly glad they discovered the cyst.

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Pregnancy is still possible

Luckily, the doctors also gave the young woman hope. In any case, she still has one healthy ovary and thus the possibility of a real pregnancy. She said:

It shouldn't affect my fertility too much either. You can have children with one ovary, it just might take longer.

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