This widely consumed drink should be avoided during a heatwave

It's tempting to enjoy a drink on the terrace in this fine weather, but a certain type of drink is strongly discouraged if you want to preserve your health.

This past weekend of 18 and 19 June 2022 (Father's Day), parts of Europe sweltered through a heatwave. Temperatures were expected to reach 34°C in the UK and exceed 40°C in a large part of France. Authorities in both countries put in place heat health alerts. As well as taking it easy, staying hydrated, and cool, avoiding these types of drinks will help you to cope with the heatwave.

Unadvisable drinks

The return of sunny days often means aperitifs on the terrace of a bar or restaurant. If you are tempted to order a glass of wine or a beer, for example, during happy hour in the warm sunshine, you should think twice.

After all, a cold beer won't really 'refresh' you. In fact, doctors strongly advise against drinking alcohol during a heatwave. Alcohol accelerates the process of dehydration (the excessive depletion of water from the body). If it is consumed in the sun, you are faced with a trifecta: sun, heat, and alcohol do not mix well...

Translation: Heatwave: Mathias Wargon calls for "no alcohol" to avoid dehydration

Other drinks to be favoured

Unfortunately, for fans of after-work drinks, it really is necessary to think about drinking water: no alcohol is the rule, says emergency doctor Mathias Wargon on BFMTV on Wednesday 15 June. He said:

Alcohol dehydrates you, and when you're drunk you do stupid things. There are people who put themselves in the warmth, on lawns, these people get hot, and get hyperthermia. If you have heat stroke.. you need to cool down.

It is also advisable to avoid diuretic drinks, such as tea or coffee. Water is always the best option, even if you are not thirsty. Also, don't hesitate to lower your body temperature by wetting your body several times a day.

The key word is 'hydrate,' but not in any way...

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