This is why some people just can't tolerate alcohol

If you're a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drinking, there could be a scientific explanation. You could suffer from alcohol intolerance, a condition that displays many symptoms.

Often find yourself struggling after one or twodrinks? No matter what you're drinking, be it wine, cider or something a bit stronger, you could be allergic to alcohol completely. Here are some of the symptoms so you can see for yourself.

What are some signs of alcohol intolerance?

1. Your face becomes red: This may be a sign that a liver enzyme (aldehyde dehydrogenate), essential for breaking down alcohol, is affected by a genetic mutation. Therefore, it's harder for alcohol to leave the bodymeaning that the effects of one drink have a more profound effect on the body.

2. You experience tingling sensations in the eyes or nose: This could be due to a reaction to an allergen, found in somealcohol. For example, some sulphites or other components of red wine(yeast, hops, wheat etc...).

3. You get migraines, your heart rate increases or you have diarrhoea: These reactions may be related to your intolerance to one or more of the 12 most common allergens found in alcohol.

How You Can Prevent The Symptoms

1. Take a test: Take blood or skin tests to find out what, if anything, you are allergic to.

2. Limit drinking: We all like a good drink or two, so if you don't want to give drinking up entirely, just be reasonable and try not to drink as much.

3. Verify ingredients: Check the packaging for the list of ingredients in the alcohol that you buy: by doing this, you'll know if a specific brand or drink, contains things that you are allergic to.

4. Be picky: If you want to identify which types of alcohol you can drink, just pick one type for each time you go out drinking. This way, you'll be able to see if you display any symptoms and therefore you will know if you're allergic.

Drinking alcohol-free wine is just as good for the heart Drinking alcohol-free wine is just as good for the heart