This is the One Body Part That People Are Forgetting to Wash
This is the One Body Part That People Are Forgetting to Wash
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This is the One Body Part That People Are Forgetting to Wash

When it comes to hygiene, everyone has their own rules. A recent survey reveals that many people overlook one particular part of the body when they're in the shower. Read on to find out which one.

While, for most people, body hygiene is very important, others admit that it isn't a priority for them.

In a Twitter poll, Conor Arpwel asked Internet users about washing their legs in the shower. Although 80% of respondents confirmed that they did, indeed, wash their legs, 20% admitted that they didn't think they needed to wash that part of their body.

Of the 800,000 people who took the poll, 160,000 confessed that they often stopped washing their bodies below their private parts. In other words, they skip cleaning their thighs and legs, as well as their feet.

Outraged by this finding, a number of Internet users took to social media to let their followers know about it. Those in favour of not washing the lower body spoke up to defend themselves:

My legs are protected by my pants all day. I don't see what the problem is.

Others justified themselves by explaining that, if you wash your upper body, your lower body is subsequently washed by the soapy water that trickles down to it. According to them, unless it's extremely dirty, this is enough to clean the lower part of their anatomy.

Surprised by the proportions his debate took in just a few days, the young American man, Conor Arpwel, decided to call this case "Wash Gate" and tweeted:

Leg washing is an important component of my cleanliness regimen, but also I’m not out to get people who don’t wash their legs for various reasons I only meant for this whole thing to be a fun & frivolous topic of conversation lol.
By Nancy Youm

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