These are the 4 surprising health benefits of masturbation

In many countries, masturbation is no longer such a taboo subject. For years, there have been countless myths and urban legends claiming it was a bad thing. But it really isn’t and in fact, masturbation has more pros than cons.

Let’s start with the fact that masturbation enables us to get a better understanding of our bodies and what we like and don’t like. But as well as this and all the pleasure you can get from it, there are several other additional advantagesand these fourbenefitsmay surprise you.

Masturbation can have several benefits for your health that you probably weren’t aware of before and after you’ve read the rest of this article, we bet you’ll thank us.

The health benefits of masturbation:

1. The first benefit is that masturbation prevents urinary tract infections because when the cervix stretches and expands, it makes it easier for cervical fluid to flow and as a result, bacteria can easily be expelled.

2. Another benefit is that it helps combat insomnia. When we masturbate, we release endorphins that cause our body to relax, making it easier for us to drift off at night.

3. Furthermore, it reduces the intensity of your menstrual cramps and even strengthens your muscles since the contractions you feel when you orgasm increase your pelvic strength.

4. But the one we bet you never imagined is that masturbation can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes since women who have more orgasms are less likely to suffer from this condition.

'Framing' is the masturbation technique that can benefit your mental health 'Framing' is the masturbation technique that can benefit your mental health