Study shows that drinking diet sodas can increase the risk of a stroke up to three times

Did you know that drinks that contain little to no sugar can be just as bad for your health as the regular sugary beverages? In fact, they might be even worse for your health, as highlighted in a recent study.

Diet variations of sodarepresent a quarter of the sales of sugary beverages. Researchers at Boston University discovered that Aspartame, a low-calorie artificial sweetener, can increase the risk of a stroke and dementia by three times compared to a sugar-containing beverage. An adult who drinks at least one light drink a day would be three times more likely to have a heart attack.

Scientists claim that these drinks should no longer be considered as healthy alternatives to sugary drinks and recommend sticking to the consumption of water and milk. The Boston University Researchers studied the dangers of sweeteners with 4,400 adults. They discovered that artificial sweeteners such as Saccharin or Aspartame are horrible for our blood vessels and would increase our risks of getting a stroke.

Also, Researchers at the Imperial College in London revealed that these drinks were ineffective in promoting weight loss. In fact, light drinks would even make you want to consume more sweetened products, since they trigger sugar receptors in our brain! To promote better health, try to minimise the consumption of artificial sweeteners and just consume water.

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