Here's Why Green-Eyed People Are Rare and Special

According to researchers, a person's eye colour can have an influence on their behaviour, health and personality.

Those born with green eyes are becoming part of a small group of the world's population. Especially if they're not from Central or Northern Europe. According to specialists, only 2% of the world's population has this eye colour.

Many dark-eyed people claim to dream of having a nice pair of green eyes, but very few know the consequences of it. The truth is that green eyes are considered by doctors as more sensitive to light, so having them exposes you to a greater number of illnesses. Headaches, for example, are more frequent in people with green eyes.

On the other hand, green eyes are considered strong tools of seduction, for both men and women. In general, those who have green eyes are observant and passionate about what they do. Green eyes can reveal many other things about a person's personality.

Don't miss the video above to discover all the particularities of people who have green eyes... are they really so special?

Source: Segredos do Mundo

What your eye colour says about your personality What your eye colour says about your personality