Is it normal for your eye to twitch randomly?

The most common causes of a pesky eye are tiredness and stress.

Is it normal for your eye to twitch randomly?
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Is it normal for your eye to twitch randomly?

The human body has a life of its own; sometimes parts of it behave in ways that could be described as annoying. One of such rogue bodily moments is the random eye twitch, when your eyelid starts to flicker and could last for as short as a few seconds or even weeks, if you are unlucky. Well, there is some explanation for why this tends to happen.

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Pesky eye

Eye twitching is a common condition that is sometimes hereditary. It occurs when the eye muscle or eyelid moves without the ability to stop it. A twitching eye is hardly anything to worry about, and would usually go away without any medical intervention. According to Oculofacial plastic surgeon, Julian D Perry:

Many patients worry this may represent a neurologic problem. They worry that something serious is going on, but that’s rarely the case.

Although some cases of eye twitching are hereditary, the exact cause is not known. However, experts say these factors could aggravate it:

  • Stress
  • Eye strain
  • Certain drugs and medications, including caffeine
  • Dry or irritated eyes
  • Insufficient sleep
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When to see a doctor

Okay, so even though eye spasms are rarely a cause for concern, there are instances when you might want to speak to a doctor about it. For instance, when you start experiencing symptoms like weakness, drooping or double vision.

Also, when your eyes start to redden while the twitching persists, or you feel your vision is changing. You might also want to seek evaluation when it feels likes there’s something in your eye or you are suddenly becoming sensitive to light. Dr Perry added:

While serious disorders are rare, patients who are finding those benign twitches very annoying can find quick improvement with a few injections. So it’s worthwhile to come in for an evaluation if the symptoms are bothersome.

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