This Woman's Leg 'Exploded' After She Went For A Run

This Woman's Leg 'Exploded' After She Went For A Run

In Tasmania a stay-at-home mother was the victim of a rather disturbing incident, and all it took was going for a bit of a run.

Competing in a charity fun run almost lost 39-year-old Melissa King her left leg. Shortly after going for the 6-mile run, she explained that she began to lose all sensation in her left leg. The more time that passed, the more her condition worsened until she felt like her leg was about to ‘explode.’

What happened to this woman is something called compartment syndrome, which consists of an abnormal increase in the fibrous membranes that surround the muscles, acting as a separation between them. This syndrome can be quite dangerous, leading to amputation and even death.

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Melissa was rushed to the hospital and within hours her leg had doubled in size. Hastily operated on, Melissa King was lucky to get out of the situation with only 160 stitches, although a year later Melissa still had to undergo physiotherapy.

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