A woman has a rare disease that gives her 50 orgasms a day

Amanda Gryce, a woman in her twenties, has a sexual arousal disorder. She can have up to 50 orgasms per day. It's an extremely uncomfortable situation.

While an orgasm is usually a moment of true pleasure, this is not the case for this young woman, who has persistent genital arousal syndrome. It is a very rare disease that causes repeated and uncontrolled orgasms throughout the day.

Up to 10 orgasms per hour

'It can happen anywhere and anytime,' says Amanda Gryce.

I can have 50 orgasms in one day and five to ten in an hour. Just getting into a car or hearing a sound can trigger an orgasm.

A feeling of arousal which causes temporary relief despite the absence of sexual desire or stimulation.

This condition is, inevitably, difficult to live with, especially since these involuntary orgasms can be triggered at any time, without any recourse or real relief to be had.

'It happens in public, when I'm with my friends. It really kills me… I just have to show my widest smile and act like nothing has happened,' explains Amanda, who has been living with her illness since the age of 6. Having met her boyfriend Stuart a short time ago, doctors even banned her from having sex until she could find treatment.

'I'm taking control of my disease rather than the other way around'

But the young woman's future could actually start to brighten up soon. Recently, she met a doctor specialising in pelvic pain who prescribed a treatment and advised her to do meditation and relaxation exercises.

This method seems to be paying off. Amanda, who hopes to finally find a normal life, enthuses:

He gave me a few tips to reduce the intensity of my orgasms, although they are still numerous every day. I take medicine and I exercise so I don't think about it anymore. I'm taking take control of my disease rather than the opposite, it's a dream come true for me.
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