5 Signs that you’re eating too much fatty food

Wondering if you're eating too much fatty food? These 5 signs can let you know!

You are what you eat. If you eat too much fat,sugar,salt, have a healthy diet, or one which is not healthy at all, your appearance will reveal your eating habits. This is a good way to know if it's time to make a change in your diet or, on the contrary, whether to maintain it!

Weight gain

If you are having difficulty losing weight or you notice that the number on your scale is getting higher and higher, it may be because your diet is very high in fat. Be careful, a diet that is too rich is not the only factor responsible for weight gain.

Rising cholesterol levels

We all have a little bit of cholesterol. However, when your blood test shows a higher than normal level, it may be because your diet is high in fat. Check with your GP!

Acne outbreaks

You’ve just eaten a plate of chips and spots are already starting to appear on your face. Look no further, there is a link between the two. When you eat foods with a high glycemic index, the production of sebum increases and contributes to clogged pores. The biggest culprit? Deli meats!

Bad digestion

Fatty foods are more difficult to digest than foods with a low glycemic index or high fibre content. As a result, your body takes much longer to complete the digestive process. You are then more likely to experience fatigue and stomach pain.

Difficulty sleeping

This effect is a direct result of the previous one! When it takes a long time to digest, it is moredifficult to get to sleep... A light meal rich in fibre should be eaten if you want to fall asleep easier and prevent the body from storing fat!

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