15 Fitness Hacks That Will Make You Actually Look Forward To Working Out

15 Fitness Hacks That Will Make You Actually Look Forward To Working Out
15 Fitness Hacks That Will Make You Actually Look Forward To Working Out

Working out is HARD! Although we always start out with the best intentions, it can be tough to stick to an exercise plan. We've put together some of the best hacks to make working out a whole lot easier and something you can actually look forward to!

Fitness Hacks You Should Know About

1. Audiobook: Pick an exciting audiobook to listen to while you work out and make a rule that you’re ONLY allowed to listen while working out.

2. Workout playlist: Make yourself a workout playlist that lasts the length of time you want to work out for then you can just stop when the music stops.

3. Watch your favourite show: Find a drinking game designed for your favourite TV show, then switch the shots for squats!

4. Shop for good workout apparel: Stock up on workout wear in the end-of-season sales.

5. Don't lose your keys: Tie your key into your shoelaces when going out for a run.

6. Use a fitness tracker: Get a fitness tracker to keep you motivated.

7. Be prepared the night before: Lay out your workout clothes the night before so that you’re ready to get up and go!

8. Think ahead: Keep a yoga mat by your sofa and do a mini workout every time there’s an ad break.

9. Add it to your daily routine: Sneak exercises into your daily routine and do lunges whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or a wall-sit while your (healthy pre-prepped) dinner is heating up.

10. Prevent chafing: Vaseline is a cheap and efficient way to prevent chafing.

11. Duct tape your sneakers: Duct tape the tops of your trainers to prevent water getting in when running in the rain.

12. Feel and look good: Get yourself a workout outfit that makes you feel good and you’ll be miles more motivated!

13. Keep track of your workout: Try the Seinfeld method and make a big red X on your calendar every day you complete your planned workout – you won’t want to break your streak!

14. Use frozen fruit: Pop some frozen fruit in your water bottle and it’ll keep your drink cold and add flavour!

15. Pay yourself: Instead of paying to go to the gym, pay yourself every time you exercise!

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