There's A Simple Method For Colouring Your Hair At Home

Ombre hair is ideal when you want an original colour, but don't want to change your look too radically. Learn how to do it at home!

Getting an ombre look is nowhere near as difficult as you think! The most important thing is to have the right tools, and a bit of confidence!

You will need bleach and silver shampoo, as well as the following accessories: a brush, a colouring brush and of course something to protect your clothes.

Bleach your hair gradually, so as not to do any damage. It is better to underdo it then redo it, than to let the bleach stay in your hair for too long. The silver shampoo will stop your hair looking yellow.

Now you've got your gorgeous ombre look, make sure you don't skimp on the nourishing treatments to keep your hair in good condition!

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