How To Maintain Curly Hair

Is everyone jealous of your curly hair but deep down you just don't know how to maintain it properly? It's okay to admit it, we understand. Ohmymag will give you five secrets to getting flawless and managable curly hair in no time.

How To Maintain Curly Hair

1. Know your hair: Curly, wavy or just out right frizzy, naturally curly hair cause a lot of jealousy but it can quickly turn into a nightmare! Through nature and certain DNA, curly hair is a lot more fragile than straight hair. It tends to be more brittle and drier so it's important that you have a good hair routine in order to keep it healthy.

2. Hydrate: As curly hair is much drier than other hair types, curly hair needs to be hydrated to be healthy. Shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil are all good for hydration. Opt for these oils and aim to apply them to the lengths of your hair so that you do not make the roots greasy. It is ideal to do these treatments one or two times a week, leaving the oils in overnight.

3. Air-dry: Nothing is worse for curly hair than using a hairdryer. For more defined curls and less damaged hair there's nothing better for curly hair than to let it air dry. After shampooing your hair use a towel to pat away excess water, then let your hair down and separate the strands with your fingers. Then all you need to do is leave it to naturally dry.

4. Diffuser: If you just can't part with your hairdryer it's time to think about getting a diffuser. This accessory is a large hairdryer attachment that diffuses the hairdryer air. It has tiny bristles that lift up the hair and help the curls to dry. But don't dry it too hot! Put your hairdryer at a medium temperature and tilt your head back. Put your hair into the diffuser and lift the hair to create more defined curls.

5. Brush: There's nothing scarier than trying to brush curly of wavy hair dry. Curly hair is very delicate and will break with repetitive brushing, instead use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair when you've applied conditioner in the shower. Brushing curly hair dry makes it less beautiful as the brush will disrupt your natural curls and will make your hair lose its charm!

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