These Amazing Roast Dinner Hacks Will Make Your Sunday Meal Easier

Who doesn't love a good roast dinner? It's a national tradition, an occasion to get together with family and friends and above all just blooming delicious! Preparing a roast can be pretty time-consuming though and statistics show that the amount of Brits regularly tucking into a roast dinner is on the decline. We couldn't be having that so we present you with 15 brilliant hacks to make preparing your roast dinner a breeze. Check out the gallery for more!

Sneak Peak Of The Top 5 Roast Dinner Hacks

1. Add marmite: If you’re having lamb then spread some Marmite over it before roasting – it will enhance the flavour incredibly.

2. Add stock powder: Add a couple of teaspoons of stock powder to your Yorkshire pudding mix - this will depend on what meat you plan on using (chicken stock for chicken, beef stock for beef, etc.).

3. Add mint: Mix fresh mint and butter with your peas - this is especially good if you’re having lamb.

4. Damp towel: Place a damp tea towel underneath your chopping board to stop it sliding around.

5. Food processor: If you’ve got a food processor then just chuck all your vegetables in and choose the appropriate blade setting.

Continue to click through our photo gallery to see the rest! If you're looking for other amazing food hacks then click here!

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