You can now buy pink Prosecco in the UK for the first time ever

Aldi have become the first supermarket in the UK to stock Prosecco Rosé. Whilst you may have had pink sparkling wine before, this is the first time that pink Prosecco has been sold in the UK, after the Italian government gave the green light for pink Prosecco production back in May this year.

The UK popped their pink Prosecco cherry

Pink Prosecco has gone on sale at Aldi for the first time ever in a British supermarket. The supermarket started selling Prosecco Rosé DOC online on November 2nd and the fizzy wine will soon be available to buy in-store too. The pink Prosecco is said to have a delicate, summer fruits taste with hints of white peach and citrus.

Not only is Aldi’s Prosecco Rosé a UK first, it’s also totally affordable. The full-size 75cl bottles are priced at just £6.49 each. Aldi are also selling a miniature 250ml bottle for just £2.29 which would make a perfect grown-up stocking filler this Christmas for Prosecco lovers.

That pink bubbly you drank wasn't Prosecco

Swear you’ve had pink Prosecco before? Whilst you might have had some pink bubbly, it won’t have been Prosecco. Wine expert Sam Caporn explained:

Shoppers might have already enjoyed Italian rosé (or rosato) sparkling wine, but it won’t actually have been Prosecco, because pink Prosecco hasn’t previously been permitted.

She continued:

Prosecco (like Champagne) is governed by strict regulations and Prosecco DOC has to come from grapes grown exclusively from nine provinces in the north east of Italy, and there are many rules in place regarding how it can be produced. Like standard Prosecco, the new rosé variety must be made primarily from Glera grapes but with the addition of Pinot Noir.

Aldi UK’s Managing Director of Buying, Julie Ashford said the store was ‘over the moon’ to be the first British supermarket to sell Prosecco Rosé. She said:

It’s been a pleasure to work with the Italian suppliers on creating such an exciting new product, and we can’t wait for our customers to try this tipple.
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