KitKat is launching a vegan chocolate bar

The chocolate bar brand KitKat has made a big announcement: it will soon launch vegan chocolate bars. Here's the long and short of it.

It was after many requests from Internet users that the KitKat brand—which belongs to Nestlé—decided to launch a new chocolate bar. Indeed, on social networks and especially on Twitter, many people have expressed a desire to see their favourite treat available in a vegan version.

KitKat launches its vegan chocolate bar

The brand has listened to the demand of its consumers, as it said on Tuesday, February 16 that it will launch its new product, 'KitKat V,' made from ingredients of plant origin. In terms of taste, nothing should be different then, but no animal products will be used with this new version. One slight difference should be noted, however: the packaging will change colour.

Gone is the bright red that we know and have associated with everyone's favourite product. The new design will be made of plant products and green will therefore be the dominant colour. One small carmine square will still be there to preserve the brand identity. Alexander von Maillot, head of confectionery at Nestlé, explained in a press release about the brand:

It's a product for anyone who wants a little more plants in their life.

Now if only they could apply that bit of ethical progress to the rest of Nestlé.

When and where will this KitKat vegan bar come out?

At the moment, we do not know in which country 'KitKat V' will be available. Nestlé, however, explained that they will be experimenting with it in several different places, but only to a limited extent for now. This should allow the brand to see if consumers will buy into this new product. Remember in 2019, the company tried to launch a green KitKat which unfortunately was not a great success (outside of Japan, where there are more variants than you could imagine.)

One thing is certain however, this new bar will be launched during the year 2021. And if its popularity is as strong in real life as on social networks, there is no doubt that this product should become the darling of consumers.

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