Here are 20 easy and original chicken recipes

Check out these easy and delicious chicken recipes!

Here are 20 easy and original chicken recipes
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Here are 20 easy and original chicken recipes

Chicken is often a popular choice. And for good reason: it's easy to cook, and goes well with many other products. Spicy, sweet, salty, fruity... Here are some easy and original ways to cook chicken.

Travelling with chicken

When cooking chicken, it's easy to get away from it all. You can make Asian recipes by combining it with pad thai, cooking it as a green curry with coconut milk, but also made into meatballs with fresh herbs such as coriander. You can even make spring rolls or caramel chicken if you like sweet and sour.

Recipes from India often use chicken, tandoori style or with vegetable samosas. Delicious! Alternatively, you can make kefta skewers, tajines or in puff pastry, like in Africa.

Finally, if you want to go even further, take a trip to Central or South America by eating chicken cooked in tacos, quesadillas or empanadas.

Recipes on the go

Chicken has the advantage of being able to be eaten both cold and hot. You can, therefore, take it with you for your lunch break or on a picnic. Quiche, wraps, sandwiches... Anything is possible.

Comfort food

Feel like enjoying a delicious dish to comfort you after a hard day? Add chicken to your risotto, pasta or lasagna. It's delicious!