Fast Food Restaurants Near London Schools Will Soon Be Banned

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has once again taken a decision likely to cause backlash within the capital. In the fight against childhood obesity, a so called 'plague' and a 'time bomb' according to the mayor of the city, Khan wants to ban new fast food establishments opening in close proximity to schools in the city.

The Details

In the new strategic plan for London, titled 'The London Plan' the Mayor of London has just announced the news which will more than likely cause uproar in the industry. In autumn 2019, throughout London, new fast food restaurants will be banned from opening their establishments less than 400 metres from a school. But it dosen't just stop there. In addition to this, Sadiq Khan plans to ask or rather impose that restaurants offering a take out service, must make their dishes more healthy. For example, grilling or roasting meat rather than frying it, and above all, reducing salt content. Those who don't agree simply won't be allowed to launch their business.

Today, 40% of children in London are overweight or even obese when they leave college. Food is a widely discussed topic and at a time of massive industrialisation and pollution, what's on peoples plates, especially with regards to children, is a subject of public interest.

One saving grace however is that as a country we have lower obesity figures than our transatlantic cousins across the pond, where 1 family out of 5 goes to a fast food establishment once a week.

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