Catherine Tate To Take ‘Nan’ To The Big Screen

Our favourite foul-mouthed TV ‘Nan’ will make her cinema debut and while a date has not yet been confirmed, it is speculated to grace the big screen by 2020. Check out the video to find out which Gavin & Stacey star will be joining her!

The Catherine Tate Show’s Joannie Taylor is set to grace our screens but this is not what you’re expecting. The sketch show which reached unwavering success throughout the mid-noughties featured a wide range of hilarious characters which each developed their own punchlines.

Lauren Cooper, the cheeky teenager is best known for consistently responding with, “Am I bovvered?” while the Aga Saga Woman embodied an upper middle-class woman who reacts desperately when confronted with anything resembling a lower social class.

However Catherin Tate is currently working on a project which sees our beloved ‘Nan’ from the show get her own full movie spin-off. Tate revealed her hopes earlier in the year while speaking on David Tennant Does A Podcast With…

“I’ve written a Nan film, which is great fun! I do think that’s probably the one [character] that’s got the legs to carry on.”

Moreover she has revealed that she will not be the only character to return! Check out the video to find out all the details!

Image: GettyImages

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