This Fast Food Chain Caused A Scandal With An Ad That Trivialises Domestic Violence

A Belgian fast food chain has created controversy with an advertisement featuring a man physically assaulting a woman.

Unfortunate idea or a marketing plan that was deliberately thought out? The Belgian Bicky Burger fast food chain is at the heart of a controversy after publishing an advertising campaign that trivializes domestic violence.

On the image, inspired by the style of old American comics, a man violently hits his wife, who brought him a burger that does not come from the Bicky restaurant: 'Seriously, a fake Bicky?' he shouts as he assaults her.

500 complaints in less than 24 hours

In less than 24 hours, the Jury of Advertising Ethics (the Belgian council for advertising) received about 500 complaints about this ad. The institution reviewed the case and found that it was not competent to deal with it, as the advertising campaign was conducted from the Netherlands. The case will therefore be processed in that country.

On social networks, internet users expressed their anger and astonishment at this degrading and violent image. Faced with the controversy, Bicky Burger quickly withdrew the advertisement, and expressed itself as follows: 'We absolutely do not want to promote violence against women and we strongly disapprove of all forms of violence. That was not the intention of the post. (...) The approach and principle of the post is that the sale of fake Bicky's is not right either! Stay realistic, keep the peace and don't beat anyone! We want world peace and the real Bicky is in power!'.

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