Domino's Garlic and Herb Big Dip has more calories than two McDonald's cheeseburgers

Domino's Garlic and Herb Big Dip has more calories than three slices found in most of their selection of pizzas.

What better way to wind down than to come back home from a hectic day at work and order yourself a pizza, grab a bottle of of wine and call the gal pals to binge watch your favourite guilty pleasure? Well you might want to think twice about the dipping sauce you'll order to drench your pizza in.

A whopping 675 calories

As it turns out, Domino's Pizza's deliciously irresistible Garlic and Herb dip is packed with an insanely unhealthy amount of calories. The fast food restaurant's arguably most popular dipping sauce contains a whopping 675 calories per 100g. If you do the math, that's more calories than you would consume in three slices of most of the pizzas they offer.

And if that wasn't enough of a clear picture to illustrate just how jam-packed in calories the sauce is, two cheeseburgers from McDonald's are less caloric that the former. A spokesperson for Domino's said:

Our Garlic & Herb Big Dip is great for sharing with family and friends and serves four people. Single size pots are also available at 169 cals each. One serving of the dip, plus three slices of our delicious Vegi Sizzler pizza, which is less than 180 cals per slice, is just under 700 cals.

And added:

We're committed to providing transparent nutritional information on our website, our app and on menus, to enable customers to keep making informed decisions about how they choose to enjoy our piping hot pizza.

Other options to indulge in

But fret not, as the pizza restaurant also has some other dipping sauces that are far less calorie heavy but are equally as tasty for you to drizzle on top of your pizza. The BBQ Big Dip only has 188 calories while the Frank's Hot Big Dip will only add 24 calories to your total daily intake.

However, as with just about everything in life, the key is in moderation. So, even if you are craving some garlicky goodness, you can definitely have some but just make sure not to go overboard with it.

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