'Buttery Skin' Is The Next Must-Have Beauty Trend For The Ultimate Go-To Glow

Meet dewy skin's gorgeous cousin - the 'buttery skin' trend. Introduced into the Insta spotlight by Isabelle De Vries, this look aims to achieve a natural dewy complexion paired with a buttery-soft glow.

'Buttery Skin' Is The Next Must-Have Beauty Trend For The Ultimate Go-To Glow
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As winter is becomes a thing of the past for another year and spring begins to bloom, we're always looking for a new seasonal switch-up. Whilst winter beauty trends put heavy focus on the eyes, the warmer months means that our attention turns to our skin, and that only means one thing: you get to go with the glow!

2018 beauty has brought it trends that focus on skincare in order to enhance the finished look of your makeup. This means beautiful skin 'from within' and bringing your natural glow to the surface - only then we worry about the makeup. With glow-boosting skincare and innovative makeup which grabs the attention of makeup gurus left, right and centre, it's no wonder the 'dewy skin' look is evolving throughout seasons. And here's a new trend you should most definitely get acquainted with: 'buttery skin'.

The 'buttery skin' trend is one step ahead of the dewy glow we all know and love and the achieved effect is truly to die for! The look is all about enhancing a soft bright complexion with a butter-like, subtle glow. After makeup pro Isabelle De Vries demonstrated the look on her gorgeous model, Mykeesha Nelson, we are all for it. All you need is imaculate skin prep to bring out the best of your skin, a crafty concealing technique, your favourite foundation and a cream blush!

Less is truly more - simply dab, blend and conceal using only your trusty fingers and voila! You'll truly make 'em melt like butter this spring.