Want To Be A Pro When It Comes To Applying Eyeshadow?

Sometimes applying makeup requires extra effort because you will need to learn the different techniques and what works best with your eyes. Remember every eye is unique and getting your eye make-up right takes a lot practice and skill. Don't worry, we can help! Just follow these easy tips and your eyes will look beautiful but remember it will take time to get it looking just the way you want it.

Want To Be A Pro When It Comes To Applying Eyeshadow?
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Want To Be A Pro When It Comes To Applying Eyeshadow?

How To Apply Eyeshadow Like A Professional

1. Learn the sections on your eyelid: First thing's first, in order to learn how to apply eyeshadow like a pro, you need to learn the names of the different sections. Remember, the eye isn't just made of two lids but a multitude of different parts!

2. Learn the shape of your eye: Next, knowing the shape of your eyes is essential to making them up correctly. Each shape can be accentuated in a different way.

3. Choose the right colours: Choose colours that complement your beautiful eyes! Every eye colour looks great with brown or nude shades but some even look better with bright colours!

4. Use the right brush: Every brush has a very specific function. If you don't have an army of brushes, make sure you've got these!

5. Use eyeshadow primer: Your eyeshadow's best friend: The primer. Always apply an eyelid primer as a base. Just like with the rest of the face, primer will enhance your eye make-up and make it last longer. It also helps reduce the appearence of chalky eyeshadows.

6. Highlight your eyelid: Follow a simple method that works for all colours. Use a lighter shade in the middle and intensify the colour towards the edge of the eye. Highlight the brow bone to widen the eye and add a touch of glitter in the centre for a more glamorous look.

7. Use eyeliner: Don't hesitate to use a pencil or darker shadow to draw shapes onto the lid, giving you a more intense look.

8. Blend: Never forget to blend and shape! In order to make the colours pop, you need to make sure you make it look natural and that the lines and colours are blended well together.

9. Fix your mistakes: If makeup specks fall below your eyelids instead of using a tissue paper try using a piece of tape. It helps remove the tough glitter that won't come off with just one rub! If you want to be proactive then place a piece of tape on the skin below your lower eyelid then peel it off when you're done.

10. Use setting spray: Never waste your efforts by leaving the bathroom without a spritz of setting spray! It will help keep your makeup in place for hours.

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