This Woman Was Left With A Strange Condition After She Wore The Wrong Size Bra For Years

A 51-year-old woman shares her story about how wearing the wrong bra size for years led to a hole in her chest. In the video above, you can see the awful consequences for yourself.

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Lynne McConnell wore bras with an underwire for about 15 years, but her bras always felt way too tight. Every time she went to purchase a new bra, she would always ask for measurements to ensure that she was buying the right size. Yet, the fit never felt right.

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She claims that the fitters ensured her that bras are meant to feel a little tight, but over the years, she continued to go back to the store to complain about how uncomfortable her bras made her feel. However, the staff persisted that bras were meant to fit snugly to the skin.

Lynne continued to wear underwire bras, but she had to add a tissue below the underwire to soften the feel against her skin.

One day the tightness of the underwire developed into a hard lump on her chest, which continued to grow. Lynn took action and visited a doctor. Find out what happened to Lynne and her lump in the video above! She hopes her story will inspire others to take caution when shopping for new bras.

Take a look at the video above to see for yourself the awful consequences that Lynne has suffered due to wearing the wrong size bra for years.

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