Man ruptures eardrums after passionate kissing: Here's the medical reason why

Who knew that even kissing could come with serious medical consequences. Here's the unlikely way one man almost went deaf.

Man ruptures eardrums after passionate kissing: Here's the medical reason why
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Man ruptures eardrums after passionate kissing: Here's the medical reason why

There are many stories that emerge everyday which can inspire us to take better care of our ears. You might already be making the best decisions for your body, and taking precautions to ensure the health of your ears, like not getting your ears pierced at the mall, or learning hacks to pop your blocked ears. But turns out, you also need to be careful while kissing!

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Yes, while some kinds of kissing could put you at risk of becoming seriously ill, kissing also comes with the risk of ruptured eardrums and deafness!

Man risks deafness after passionate 10-minute kiss

As reported by South China Morning Post, the story of one fateful kiss by a Chinese man and his girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's Day, August 22, this year has taken social media by storm.

In the incident, reported on Hangzhou TV, the man and his girlfriend spent some passionate moments beside the West Lake in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

As they were locked in passionate kissing, the man heard a bubbling sound, and felt a pain in his left ear so intense that left him unable to hear.

Turns out, sometimes kissing could be bad for health Alejandra Quiroz

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Medical risks associated with kissing

The couple rushed to a hospital where doctors pronounced that man's eardrum was perforated. The injury was so severe that it would take him two months to recover.

As per doctors, the reason for this ear emergency could be traced back to the kissing! The act of passionate kissing can lead to air pressure inside the ear changing rapidly. When combined with heavy breathing, it can all lead up to a punctured eardrum.

While in less severe cases, people can recover their ear health after a dose of antibiotics, in serious cases, surgery might be required to fix the ear drums.

In the meantime, this curious incident has captured the imagination of people online. As written in South China Morning Post, one witty observer captured popular sentiment stating,

It turns out that love really can deafen the ear with its roar.

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