Dog poops in woman’s mouth resulting in her hospitalisation for three days

A 51-year-old British woman fell terribly ill after her dog pooped in her mouth while she was taking her afternoon nap.

Woman falls violently ill after her dog poops in her mouth
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Woman falls violently ill after her dog poops in her mouth

Dogs trust and adore us unconditionally and as good as their love is, it can sometimes become a tragedy. This is exactly what happened with this 51-year-old British woman. The woman was having a peaceful afternoon while relaxing on her couch when her dog did the unthinkable.

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Nap turns into a nightmare

Amanda Gommo was going on with her usual daily life, never suspecting that her tiny chihuahua was going to be the reason for her future hospital trip. As Amanda was in the midst of her nap she felt her dog, Belle, come near her. Amanda thought she might want to snuggle but the dog did the unthinkable and pooped in Amanda’s mouth.

Repulsed by the incident, Amanda rushed to wash her face and get the dog's diarrhoea out of her mouth. As per New York Post, she said:

I was having my afternoon nap with Belle, like I always do, when I suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth... It was disgusting, and I was hurling violently for hours after. I just couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth

A trip to the hospital

Soon after the unfortunate incident, Amanda’s daughter took the dog to the vet where she was diagnosed with worms in her stomach. Amanda having swallowed some of the faecal waste, started having a severe reaction with painful cramps and constant vomiting. At first, the doctors prescribed her antibiotics and sent her home but they seem ineffective.

Soon she started getting violently ill and threw up multiple times while unable to keep any food down, which resulted in dehydration. She was rushed to the hospital, according to the Daily Record, and after consulting a doctor, she was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal infection. The severity of her situation forced her to stay in the hospital for three days where she was under medical supervision and was getting pumped up with glucose and electrolytes to treat her dehydration.

In addition to this horrifying ordeal, Amanda also suffered from Crohn’s disease which made this hospital trip even harder for her. Although Amanda is well on her way to recovery, doctors commented that they haven’t witnessed such a bizarre case ever before.

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