Zodiac: What you need to know about mutable signs

Few things faze mutable signs since change excites them the most.

All about mutable signs
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All about mutable signs

Whether you’re a casual astrology fan or you’ve been doing a deep dive into the complex world of the cosmos, you may have heard of modalities. Besides the elements, these are another way to classify the zodiac signs according to a particular personality or vibe, according to Lisa Stardust of Cosmopolitan. We’ve talked about the cardinal and fixed modalities; now it’s time for the mutable signs to shine.

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What are mutable signs?

Each modality pinpoints a certain time during the season. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, all occurring at the end of the spring, summer, fall, and winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Though the seasons are different in the Southern Hemisphere, these signs are still mutable, clarifies Cosmopolitan.

Since these signs represent endings, they’re the readiest to welcome change. That makes mutable signs incredibly flexible and adaptable, giving them an unmatched open-mindedness to navigate various kinds of situations to make way for transformations. They tend to think deeply and reserve expressing their opinion until they have all the facts, making them “open-minded philosophers,” says Cosmopolitan. Though that makes them indecisive, they will never run out of ideas to share.

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How are the mutable signs different from each other?

Mutable signs have a lot in common, but they each have their distinct set of qualities. Geminis are fast-talkers that never seem to run out of things to say, but it’s not because they want to hear their own voices—they’re just curious about everything. Creative and clever, they love socializing and engaging in witty repartee. Though people call them two-faced, they’re really just that good at adapting to changing scenarios.

Virgos are hardworking and practical, giving them the resilience to weather unexpected changes. Their reputation of being a perfectionist is well-deserved; they’re meticulous about everything they do, as they always want to be ready for anything that happens.

Sagittarians are the carefree philosophers of the zodiac. They love adventure and finding new ways to improve situations and relationships, says Cosmopolitan. They’re most comfortable focusing on the present, and they have no problem letting go of things that aren’t serving them: it’s all thank u, next for this fiery sign!

Pisceans are the dreamy romantics that foster deep connections with their projects and relationships. According to Cosmopolitan, they have big hearts and bigger emotions. Their imagination and intuition mean they’re very in touch with not just their feelings, but everyone else’s.

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