Valentine's Day: The perfect flower bouquet for each zodiac sign

Valentine's Day is a time to give your loved one flowers. What better way to find the ideal bouquet for them than to refer to their zodiac sign.

Find the perfect bouquet for your partner for Valentine's Day
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Find the perfect bouquet for your partner for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is only a few days away. Have you thought of everything? Romantic dinner, check. Cute and naughty gift, check. Chocolates, check. Flowers... oops. Don't worry, there's still time! To help you make the right choice and find the perfect bouquet that is sure to make your loved one's heart skip a beat, here are the flowers that best correspond to your darling's zodiac sign.

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Which flowers for which zodiac sign?

Roses, orchids, mimosas or tulips? Don't leave it up to chance!

  • Aries will love tulips: like this delicate but resistant flower, the native Aries will appreciate the fresh scent of the tulip, mixed with shimmering colours like orange and red.
Tulips Anton Darius/Unsplash
  • Taureans will be delighted to receive lily of the valley: these natives can't bear to see a flower die. To avoid their wrath, offer them lily of the valley so that they can repot it afterwards.
  • Gemini will succumb to a hibiscus: this light, airy and untameable flower will speak to this sign which is itself difficult to tame.
Hibiscus flower Robert Thiemann/Unsplash
  • Cancers will be fans of their water iris: this flower with its delicate perfume and rare finesse will satisfy the rigorous and artistic spirit of Cancer.
  • Leos will love sunflowers: like Leo, the Sunflower seeks the light. A pretty metaphor that smells of beautiful days.
  • Virgos will succumb to the marshmallow: this delicate flower with its pastel colours has another undeniable asset, it is a medicinal plant. Your Virgoan will be delighted by the aestheticism and the effects of the marshmallow.
  • Librans will be touched by a peony: a pretty bouquet of peonies and Librans will have a superb Valentine's Day!
Peonies Daria Gordova/Unsplash
  • Scorpios will go crazy for a rose: individually or in a bouquet, the rose is the Scorpio flower. The red one is the best to show the passion that lives in you and that makes the blood of this water sign boil.
  • Sagittarians will be dazzled by chrysanthemums: no, this flower is not reserved for funerals. On the contrary, it represents constancy and truth, two qualities that attract Sagittarians.
  • Capricorns will prefer poppies: light, free, healthy and bright red, this flower corresponds to the feeling of freedom that Capricorns seek.
Poppies Gruescu Ovidiu/Unsplash
  • Aquarians will admire carnations: this flower symbolises ardour and passion. For lovers, it is preferable to choose red carnations, like the passion that consumes your couple.
  • Pisces will fall for a lotus: a sign of water par excellence, the native of Pisces will be moved by the softness and delicacy of this flower, whose petals protect the heart.
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