These are the most affectionate zodiac signs

These zodiac signs can’t help but show how much they appreciate you in their own way.

These are the most affectionate zodiac signs
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These are the most affectionate zodiac signs

Some people are inexplicably clear in the way they show their fondness for someone. They won’t hesitate to reach over for a tight hug when they see you, bring you your favourite snack, or tell you regularly how much they appreciate you. Others are a bit more reserved, showing their affection in subtler ways: doing an errand for you, secretly helping you out at work, or planning a surprise for you while downplaying their role in it.

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Here are the most affectionate zodiac signs:


Virgos don’t usually immediately strike anyone as affectionate, but that’s because they’re usually low-key about it. Though they’re likely to return hugs, they rely more on their sensibilities as an instinctively pragmatic person when trying to show someone how much they care, says Bustle. This manifests as being a reliable friend when someone needs their words of wisdom or practical advice, which they’re always happy to dispense.


Though they’re known for their tendency to be jealous, manipulative, or secretive, they are by far one of the most loyal and loving people you’ll ever meet, notes Bustle. However, they’re not about to plant a big smooch on you in public—affection is an intimate affair, and they’d prefer to keep it private. They feel very deeply, and they won’t hesitate to show it once you’re alone with each other.

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Cancers are known for their physical and emotional affection, which is why they’re always referred to as the ‘mom friend,’ remarks Bustle. They’re an incredibly comforting presence because of the way they’re always attuned to the needs of their loved ones—they won’t hesitate to drop what they’re doing just to help you out.


Though Pisces is arguably the most affectionate sign of the zodiac, this is because they have trouble reinforcing their boundaries. They have the tendency to overdo everything: they’ll give too much, love too much, help too much, and even forgive too much, according to Bustle. Still, they find a lot of reassurance in maintaining physical contact, so they may always be touching their loved ones one way or another.

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