The 3 astrological signs that are anti-marriage

Some people have dreamed of getting married since they were little, while for others it's the worst thing that could happen to them. So which three astro signs are anti-marriage?

wedding zodiac astro aries gemini aquarius
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wedding zodiac astro aries gemini aquarius

You're in a relationship and dream of getting married, but your partner still hasn't proposed? Don't panic, it could be due to your partner's astrological sign. Indeed, while some people are unconditional supporters of marriage, others may have a much more mixed view of this institution, and this may have something to do with their astro sign.

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Aries are known for their independence and need for freedom. They're often passionate and impulsive, and marriage can seem to get in the way of their quest for adventure. Aries love to be the leaders of their own lives, and they can be reluctant to share control and conform to the traditional expectations of marriage. However, this doesn't mean that Ariesare incompatible with marriage. They simply need partners who understand their need for spontaneity and excitement, and who are willing to follow them on their adventures.

Aries need spice in their daily lives and passion. It's can be hard for them to make their relationship official. They're afraid that the passion will quickly subside once the contract marriage has been signed. For most Aries, marriage really is a boring idea. Their partner will have to double their creativity and play the love-at-first-sight card to get a ring on their finger.


Aquarius is often considered the rebel of the zodiac. These individuals are known for their fierce independence and desire to live by their own rules. Marriage can seem restrictive to them, as it usually implies a certain degree of commitment and responsibility to one person. Apart from the fact that they feel they might lose their freedom with this commitment, they find marriage old-fashioned and pointless. In their head, all marriages and weddings are the same: it's always the same old story, an appointment at the town hall, then church, relatives throwing flower petals and a cold buffet to celebrate. Aquarius people are more inclined to seek out unconventional relationships or free partnerships that allow them to maintain their independence. They appreciate variety and excitement in their love lives, and marriage can seem too restrictive for their free spirit.

However, this doesn't mean that Aquarians are incapable of commitment or forming lasting relationships. They simply need compatible partners who understand their need for space and freedom. Marriage may eventually enter their life plan, but it's unlikely to be their top priority. Aquarians therefore have a real allergic reaction to wedding rings and the atmosphere surrounding the day!


Geminis are natural communicators and inquiring minds. They love the idea of exploring different perspectives and constantly learning new things. Their adventurous nature can make marriage less attractive to them, as it can be perceived as a long-term commitment that limits their possibilities for exploration. Geminis may be inclined to remain single longer than other signs, as they prefer to keep their options open.

Furthermore, Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which means they value freedom of expression and open communication. If a marriage doesn't allow them to express themselves freely or share their ideas without hindrance, they can become anxious and reluctant to pursue this path. For Geminis, a relationship that fosters personal and intellectual growth is essential, and marriage must meet these needs to be seriously considered.

So, is your partner one of those anti-marriage astro signs?

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