Windsor Castle may be haunted by these royal ghosts

Queen Elizabeth II spots royal ghosts in the corridors of Windsor Castle. Reports say many more former residents, such as, Henry the VIII, King George III haunt the castle in England.

Queen Elizabeth II spots ghosts
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Queen Elizabeth II spots ghosts

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in the United Kingdom, has seen a lot in her life. At the age of 95, she has lived through two world wars, many technological booms, and a deadly epidemic.

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While the monarch's official house is Buckingham Palace in London, several former rulers have made Windsor Castle their second home and their souls are believed to be entrapped in its corridors.

Queen Elizabeth II spots a ghost

The Queen and Princess Margaret claimed to have encountered the spirit of Elizabeth I, according to the tourism website Visit Britain.

The spectre of Elizabeth I is frequently seen in the library, where she is said to pace around in high heels.

Author Richard Jones recounts a guard at the castle witnessing Queen Elizabeth I's ghost, in the outer room of the library, in his novel Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland.

25 others recognised

Windsor Castle, England's oldest inhabited castle, has hosted some of the country's most well-known kings, including George III (also known as Mad King George) and Charles I.

A round figure of 25 other spirits being present in the ancient castle has been reportedly seen.

At Windsor Castle, King George III is claimed to have returned as a phantom. Many witnesses have come forward to say they saw him at the residence. According to sources, he is often said to pace his chambers. BBCBerkshire reported that King George III:

Is seen peering from the window in the room where he was often detained.

Other instances include those of Henry the VIII, who before disappearing through a wall, has given appearances atop the castle's battlements. He has been observed carrying the same ulcerated leg that finally killed him around the abbey, which are parts of the castle's passageways.

George Villiers, the loathed 1st Duke of Buckingham, and an unidentified royalist prisoner were among the spirits observed in the Norman tower's jail room.

Other spirits rumoured to haunt the castle are Henry’s beheaded wife Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, who died inside the palace after giving birth, Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, and a bunch of others.

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