The Queen's favourite musician may surprise you

Everyone loves to listen to music but what kind of music differs for different people. Here’s what Her Majesty enjoys the most.

The Queen’s favourite musician is this American singer
© Max Mumby
The Queen’s favourite musician is this American singer

Being a Royal Family member and Head of State may mean you’ve little time to do anything else. However, the music never eludes anyone, even if you are the Queen of England.

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The Queen loves listening to jazz

Marie Claire confirms that the 96-year-old monarch is apparently a huge jazz fan and the honour of her favourite musician goes to American jazz singer Duke Ellington. British musician Cerys Matthew, who spoke to the Queen about her music taste in 2019, revealed her music taste on BBC Radio Two’s Blues Show. He said:

Ellington came up, and her appreciation of music and instruments and how they’re amplified just floored me for about a minute. I just sat there and, “Is this for real? The Queen is speaking to me about re-amplification of acoustic string instruments.

The Duchess of Kent loves rap music

The Duchess of Kent Mark Cuthbert

The Royal Family members have been known for enjoying unusual music tastes. Recently, Hello magazine also reported that the 89-year-old the Duchess of Kent Katharine enjoys rap music and beatboxing. She has an extreme fondness for artists like Eminem and Ice Cube. She confirmed:

I'll listen to anything.
I just love music. Something that catches my ear on the radio – I don’t really listen to records. If it makes my feet tap then I’m happy.
I even like beatboxing

She admitted to not knowing all the rappers but confessed she liked Eminem as well as the former N.W.A member, Ice Cube.

Prince Harry and William Chris Jackson


Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, had also disclosed his music taste in the past. According to US Weekly, he told Goole High School, East Yorkshire students in June 2014:

I used to play the piano, trumpet and drums when I was your age but I couldn’t read music. There’s only so much you can remember from the top of your head. I really like Coldplay, Linkin Park.

Whereas Prince Harry is known to enjoy the compositions of English electronic music producer Skream.

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